Fospace helps to create fast and effective photo and video collaborations. Finding the right specialist takes just a few minutes. Our creative community is constantly growing with new talent around the world, who have experience in providing services from filming to image retouching and make-up.

Our mission

"We want to help you solve your problems quickly and efficiently."

Fospace is a specialized international platform that differs from traditional sites and marketplaces for freelancers. The audience of the platform is comprised of specialists and customers from over 200 countries. Companies and private customers can get services for photo and video filming, directing, retouching and editing of filmed content, as well as makeup and style. Due to the convenient search and user-friendly interface, the service is an indispensable working tool to use every day. With the help of Fospace, you can work from anywhere in the world, while traveling and not wasting time on the routine search for projects and the right specialists.

Our team

We have a young and ambitious team. We are all unique individuals, who live in different cities, but we are united by one common goal. We work hard to ensure that the service provides a working tool for thousands of people. We help professionals realize their talents, and help customers and companies to find experienced remote specialists, allowing them to grow and develop their business. Every day we strive to inspire people to achieve their dream jobs and make them happier.

A young and ambitious team is working on the Fospace project. We are all different. Each of us is doing our own job. We love different foods and watch different TV shows. We live in different cities, but we are all united by the desire to make the world a better place.

To find the specialist you need took just a few minutes. So that professionals in the world of photography and video can join their efforts and realize your talent without wasting them on routine job search.

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Why Fospace?

Communication through the service helps to avoid cooperation with unscrupulous clients and wasted time.

The wide geography makes the service attractive to travelers and remote professionals around the world.

Your profiled target audience provides faster and more accurate search functionality.

A convenient and understandable ecosystem allows new members to join the community quickly. Moreover, the presence of profiles, a system of filters, and reviews allow clients to manage searches and decide on cooperation independently.

What do we believe in?

Outsourcing business processes and functions helps companies save one of their most valuable resources - time. Our freelancing service can largely replace the HR functions for many companies.

Increasingly, companies are choosing freelancers over full-time employees, and many workers are ditching traditional jobs in favor of the flexibility of freelancing.

An emerging and fast-growing freelance market is showing an increased demand for on-demand workers.

Contractors and customers prefer secure transactions as a guarantee of successful and long-term cooperation.

Professionals want to set their own remuneration that is relevant and commensurate with experience and qualifications, using an open and transparent auction system.

Our main values:

Openness and freedom

Happy users

Safety and trust


Global reach

Time saving

Frequently Asked Questions

How do freelancers get paid?

Customers can pay for work with electronic money, transfer to a credit (debit) card or bank account, or in any other way. If you work through our Safe commission system, then completed payments are sent directly to your account on the platform. From there, you can withdraw funds to a bank card or Yandex.Money, Webmoney, or PayPal wallet.

What are the guarantees that my project will be completed?

All freelancers on undergo mandatory verification to gain access to projects. You can always see the rating of candidates and other customers’ reviews. There is also an opportunity to talk with each candidate, request a portfolio of work examples, and discuss any details to make a deliberate choice of a freelancer. That is why 93.8% of all projects on the service are successfully completed and paid for. In other cases, the customer can return the money and find a new freelancer or withdraw it from the system.

Can a freelancer be tricked?

Every experienced freelancer has faced cheating on the part of the client at least once. The client can accept the job but then not pay. There are two ways to protect yourself from such situations. The first is to ask for an advance payment of 50%, although customers may be hesitant to provide this. Another is to work only through the platform. For example, on the Fospace service, money for a completed project is automatically transferred from the customer’s account to the freelancer’s account. Therefore, freelancers can work without worrying about receiving payment for completed projects.

Can you work on the Fospace if you are under 18?

In theory, anyone of any age can work on the Fospace platform, since clients often don’t ask the freelancer’s age. It is more important for them that the work is done on time and to the highest of quality. However, to withdraw any earned funds, you will need either an e-wallet or a bank account, which can only be issued to an adult. Alternatively, you can ask your parents to help you with the withdrawal of earnings or withdraw money to your mobile phone balance.

Why do I need to fill out a portfolio?

A portfolio is effectively a freelancer’s business card, providing examples of completed work. By the number and quality of completed projects, the client evaluates the professional skills of the freelancer and decides whether to give him/her an order. If you are looking to start a career on the platform, then you will have a hard time without a portfolio. Customers prefer experienced freelancers with a rich, colorful portfolio.

Is it possible to indicate not my data on the platform?

The data of another person cannot be indicated, even if it’s a good friend or close relative of yours. The owner of the account will be the one whose data is provided on the platform, and an account can never be transferred to anyone else. As a user, you are not allowed to let another person use your account, use his/her financial data, and then return the account to yourself.