About the Fospace platform

What are we doing?
Fospace is an online platform for finding private specialists anywhere in the world for tasks related to the world of photography and video. The platform brings together service requesters who need help with work and competent Photographers, Videographers, Retouchers, Sound Recorders, Animators, Colourists, Make-up artists and other professionals looking for a way to offer their services quickly and with quality, and to get a decent remuneration.
Our Team
A young and ambitious team is working on the project Fospace We are all different. Each of us does a different job. We like different food and watch different TV series. We live in different cities, but we are all united by a desire to make the world a better place. So you can find the right person in just a few minutes. To allow professionals in the world of photography and video to combine their efforts and realise their talent without wasting them on a routine job search.
Our mission
We want to help you solve your tasks quickly and efficiently. We want to give work to all competent and responsible professionals.
If you share these values and support our desire to make the world a better place, join our friendly community of creative professionals.