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Freelancing is a real opportunity to choose the most interesting assignments and work whenever you want. Start working for yourself with the Fospace platform.

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Why choose a home-base job worth it?

Work from home offers a range of benefits:



Remote work allows you to independently find projects and choose those that are most interesting to you.



You yourself build a work schedule and agree on deadlines, which allows you to plan your free time better.



Remote work as a photographer or a representative of another profession makes it possible to work anywhere in the world.

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FoSpace - is a platform for successful freelancers

The Fospace freelance website opens up new real ways to make money from home for all kinds of photographers, videographers, sound engineers, Photoshop gurus, etc. Cooperation with us is:

Large customer base. Fospace publishes tasks and searches for executors posted by thousands of clients.

Work and part-time work. The Fospace platform allows you to find both regular customers with full-time work and online part-time jobs, for example, for students.

Work for any experience. On Fospace, both experienced professionals with a large portfolio and people who are starting their journey can find clients.

Who can find a job at Fospace?

Fospace is a one-stop freelance website for people who work in photography and videography. Representatives of various specialties will find orders on the platform:

Content makers.

Photographers and videographers working remotely and filming in different genres.

Processing specialists.

Retouchers, sound engineers, specialists in cutting and mixing video, those who are engaged in improving the quality of the original photo and video files, etc.

Creativity and preparation work.

Scriptwriters, stylists, makeup artists, and other specialists who help to make a photo or video better.

How to get started with Fospace?

You can get started with Fospace in just a few minutes. To do this, you need to go through only three simple steps.

How to get started with Fospace?

You can get started with Fospace in just a few minutes. To do this, you need to go through only three simple steps.

Sign up

To open an account, you only need an email address and a password. Further, when registering, indicate your data, specialization, experience, peculiarities of your work, etc.

Complete your profile

Add your photo, include information about your experience, and add contact information. If you have a portfolio, be sure to add it, too.

Find vacancies and get started to work as a freelancer

Use Fospace's search tools to find freelance projects that interest you most. Earn a positive reputation and build confidence in yourself.

Fospace is convenient and profitable

The Fospace freelance platform is the most attractive working environment for freelancers. We do our best to make the services simple, convenient, and profitable.

Convenient search. You can search orders by category, by filters, use the search box on the site, etc.

Reputation. Before choosing a project, you can familiarize yourself with the customer's reputation and cooperate only with trusted people.

Security of transactions. Communication between the customer and the performers holds through the service in order to avoid fraud and to conduct the arbitration in case of any contentious situations.

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Categories that you can find

Video Editor

Music video
Commercial video
Intro/Outro videos


Portrait retouching
Commercial retouching
High-end retouching

Photo editor

Background Removal

Video colorist

Color grading
Color correction

Screenwriter / Scriptwriter

Music video
Commercial video
Intro/Outro videos

Screen & Dialogue Writer

Speech Writing

Orders that are waiting for you

Support Support
Support Support
Budget: 420.00 $
Deadline: Termless

I need a photographer urgently

We need a photographer urgently. Take some subject photos for the mozdel.
2 0
Lisa Owens
Lisa Owens
Budget: 200.00 $
Deadline: in a month
Location:New York, NY, USA

Make up artist

Looking for make up artist for lifting make up in New York
1 0
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright
Budget: 1 000.00 $
Deadline: in 11 days
Location:Paris, France

Video clip shooting

Hi! I am a rap artist, I will shoot a video in Paris, looking for a professional videographer
0 0

Frequently Asked Questions

How do freelancers get paid?

Customers can pay for work with electronic money, transfer to a credit (debit) card or bank account, or in any other way. If you work through our Safe commission system, then completed payments are sent directly to your account on the platform. From there, you can withdraw funds to a bank card or Yandex.Money, Webmoney, or PayPal wallet.

What are the guarantees that my project will be completed?

All freelancers on undergo mandatory verification to gain access to projects. You can always see the rating of candidates and other customers’ reviews. There is also an opportunity to talk with each candidate, request a portfolio of work examples, and discuss any details to make a deliberate choice of a freelancer. That is why 93.8% of all projects on the service are successfully completed and paid for. In other cases, the customer can return the money and find a new freelancer or withdraw it from the system.

Can a freelancer be tricked?

Every experienced freelancer has faced cheating on the part of the client at least once. The client can accept the job but then not pay. There are two ways to protect yourself from such situations. The first is to ask for an advance payment of 50%, although customers may be hesitant to provide this. Another is to work only through the platform. For example, on the Fospace service, money for a completed project is automatically transferred from the customer’s account to the freelancer’s account. Therefore, freelancers can work without worrying about receiving payment for completed projects.

Can you work on the Fospace if you are under 18?

In theory, anyone of any age can work on the Fospace platform, since clients often don’t ask the freelancer’s age. It is more important for them that the work is done on time and to the highest of quality. However, to withdraw any earned funds, you will need either an e-wallet or a bank account, which can only be issued to an adult. Alternatively, you can ask your parents to help you with the withdrawal of earnings or withdraw money to your mobile phone balance.

Why do I need to fill out a portfolio?

A portfolio is effectively a freelancer’s business card, providing examples of completed work. By the number and quality of completed projects, the client evaluates the professional skills of the freelancer and decides whether to give him/her an order. If you are looking to start a career on the platform, then you will have a hard time without a portfolio. Customers prefer experienced freelancers with a rich, colorful portfolio.

Is it possible to indicate not my data on the platform?

The data of another person cannot be indicated, even if it’s a good friend or close relative of yours. The owner of the account will be the one whose data is provided on the platform, and an account can never be transferred to anyone else. As a user, you are not allowed to let another person use your account, use his/her financial data, and then return the account to yourself.