How It Works

Over the past 10 years, freelancing has been developing very actively. Freelancing allows people to get new opportunities for time scheduling, job selection, and, most importantly, income.

What is freelance?

When answering the questions about who is a freelancer and how to get into freelance work, you first need to find out what freelance is all about. Freelance means working for yourself, not being employed by any company, and a freelancer is a freelance worker. Let's also take a look at how freelancing works:



Clients are looking for free performers who, in turn, are looking for interesting and well-paid projects.



The client and the specialist find each other, after which they agree on the task, payment, and the nuances of the work.



The contractor completes the task on time, according to the requirements. For this, he or she receives the payment.

What are the benefits of freelance?

In simple terms, a freelancer is a person who works for himself/herself. Such people do not receive tasks from their manager but find projects on their own. Freelancing has several advantages

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What are the benefits of freelance?

In simple terms, a freelancer is a person who works for himself/herself. Such people do not receive tasks from their manager but find projects on their own. Freelancing has several advantages

Any scope of work

Freelancing can be done both in your free time for part-time work and as your main job. Plus, there are many freelance jobs for beginners.

Time planning

You choose when to work and when to rest.

Freedom of choice

In freelance, you can do whatever is interesting to you.

How to become a freelancer?

Before you start freelancing, you need to go through several stages. First of all, you need to decide on a niche. Pay attention to these features:


If you have any specialization, offer what you know how to do. For example, if you are a great photographer, promote your services

Training opportunity

If you don’t know how to do something, simply learn. The advantage of freelancing is that you can find work without experience.

The number of services

Freelancers can offer one or several services, depending on their skills and abilities.

How to become a successful freelancer?

Freelancing is good because it provides maximum freedom of action. Anyone can become a successful freelancer. Here are some simple tips:

Provide as much information as possible

It is important to do this even during registration. The profiles should contain data about your experience, education, contacts, and other necessary information.

Add a portfolio

The more successfully completed projects you have, the higher trust in your skills. It will be easier for clients to understand to whom they entrust their projects.

Get feedback from customers

For example, the Fospace site allows you to receive real reviews and ratings from people who have used your services. It will also build a good reputation for you.

How to find a remote job?

Freelancers can search for projects through job search sites, social media, etc. However, freelance platforms remain the main search method. Searching on freelance sites has several advantages:

There are both clients and performers

On freelance websites, services are offered by specialists in specific fields. Clients and professionals can easily find each other.

Convenient search

Any freelance website has special search tools, filters, etc. This allows the contractor to find the most suitable projects.

Profile functions

Profiles are developed on specialized freelance websites according to the requirements of the niche. For example, it can be the ability to conveniently add portfolios for photographers, like on the Fospace site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can a freelancer earn?

One of the most important questions is how to make money on freelancing and how much you can get. Income depends on several factors, including:


Specialists in different fields are paid differently for their work.


The more experience, the higher the chances of getting high-paid jobs.


The client should trust the performer, so ratings and reviews are important.

Who can become a freelancer?

Representatives of a wide variety of professions can become freelancers, for example:

Content makers

Photographers, videographers, and animators.

Video and photo processing professionals

Retouchers, sound engineers, video processing specialists, etc.

Creativity and preparation

Makeup artists, stylists, scriptwriters, and editors.

Freelance is not always about remote work from home. It can also be done on-site. For example, a wedding photographer may well be a freelancer if he/she works independently, without any agency.