Questions and answers

Project publishing

The customer can add a new project using the "Add Project" button, which is located on the advertisement page https://fospace.co/announce. On the project publication page, you must add the following data:

1. The name of the project.

The name should be short - the number of performers interested in the project often depends on it.

2. Specialization.

Choose which core Specializations performers should satisfy. You can select up to 5 specializations.

3. Skills.

Choose which core Skills the performer should have. Please note that the correct data will allow you to quickly find specialists who have the right skills.

4. City / Country.

You can specify the place where the performer should be from, you can specify the region, country of performers separately.

5. The budget of the project.

Define the project budget. You will receive more offers from high-rated performers, indicating a larger project budget.

6. Date

Date, if you have an event or project is limited by the time interval, you can fill in this field.

7. Images

You can attach up to 5 photos to the project.