Questions and answers


In order to use the services of Fospace, it is necessary to be a registered user and pass a profile check (mandatory for professionals). .

In order to register, you must click on the appropriate button or follow the link: https://fospace.co/role.Next, you need to select the type of profile, and enter the data:20022:

  • E-mail: will be used to send you a code / link for registration verification;
  • First name: Your name for identification;
  • Last name: Your last name;
  • Contacts: here you can specify your phone/telegram/Wathsap/Skype;
  • Create a password/Confirm password: your account password
  • The rest of the data will be requested depending on the type of account selected.

Also at this stage it is necessary to agree and accept the user agreement.

After clicking on the “Sign Up” button, the Verification E-mail is sent and the registration is completed.

E-mail delivery time is a few minutes. If within 10 minutes or more the letter has not arrived, please contact support – support@fospace.co.

The e-mail entered at the next step will be used exclusively within the framework of the service (for password recovery, account activation and receiving service notifications). Your mailing address, as well as any other contact information, will under no circumstances be transferred to third parties or used for inappropriate mailing lists.