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Animation has been around for almost 150 years and has proven its worth in creating not only entertainment videos and children's movies, but also advertising content. In this sense, a good draftsman always has a lot of work. But finding those vacancies often becomes a problem.

Finding interesting projects for an animator can be tricky. They are posted on various platforms, message boards, and forums, so you have to spend a lot of time searching. This is also a problem for the customer, as it is necessary to find a specialist as soon as possible. The Fospace platform will save you this headache. In this service, the client and the professional can meet quickly.

Why is Fospace a good choice for finding work as an animator?

Fospace is a service that allows you to find clients for professionals with any experience and specialization. The platform is focused on freelance animators who want to find remote work. The service allows you to find a job, including beginners who don't have much experience yet. With the help of Fospace, a novice animator will be able to draw their first characters, place their first orders in the animation industry, work to build a portfolio, and further develop in the industry. Seasoned professionals will also be able to find great projects with a decent salary.

Fospace is an opportunity to find a job on different terms that are right for you. Representatives of the profession can find full-time work or receive part-time work orders. Fospace allows you to find really interesting creative projects, try yourself in new genres of animation. Thanks to the platform, animators will be able to find work in attractive conditions.

Why is Fospace convenient for customers?

Fospace is a space where clients can place an ad quickly and easily and get a wide range of professionals. The platform has a large base of specialists from various fields of animation. Clients can find an animator of any profile:

  • Professional in creating cartoons;
  • Movie character design artist;
  • Specialist in processing and design technologies;
  • Animator for computer motion animation, etc.

The client can familiarize himself with the portfolio of a specialist, assess his experience, education, qualifications and requirements. Fospace allows you to contact directly, without intermediaries. Also, on the platform, you can view the reputation of the professional and select the most reliable specialists who have received a large number of positive reviews about their work. Fospace is an opportunity to quickly find a reliable professional for any project.