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Not a single professional shooting and important event can do without a Makeup artist. Specialists of this profile are constantly needed. A person who knows how to make an image and prepare an image is highly valued. However, finding orders for a Makeup artist still remains a rather difficult task. You need to look for a job that matches professional talents and skills on specialized services. Fospace is a platform that will help you promote your makeup artist services, find clients of any category.

Search through Fospace empowers

Searching for orders through Fospace allows you to find clients who are interested in haircut and makeup at home, in the studio, on the set - just before a photoshoot, before a rehearsal, etc. These people, for one reason or another, do not want to use the services of the salon and are looking for an experienced stylist who will provide all the necessary services on-site. Thus, on Fospace, you will find the target audience that may be interested in your offer.

On Fospace, you can find specialist who offer any kind of service. For example, if you are doing a manicure, styling hair, and are able to emphasize the beauty of your face with the help of a competent selection of cosmetics and applying makeup - your services will be in demand. On Fospace, you will find people who need your talents and who can be satisfied with your price list. Including, with the help of a freelance market, novice makeup artists can find work.

How do I find clients through Fospace?

Finding clients through the Fospace freelance market is very simple. You need to go through the registration procedure, which will take only a few minutes, and a huge database of orders will open in front of you. Also in the profile, you can specify information useful to the client:

  • Description of the features of the specialist's work;
  • Portfolio;
  • Contact information;
  • You can contact the customer using the built-in message service on the platform.

Finding suitable orders is very easy. To do this, use the search on the site. For example, if you offer consulting services for a makeup artist, you can enter this phrase into the search box and see orders from potential customers.

You can also use filters. The filters contain a large number of criteria, which will allow you to select the most interesting orders for you. Also on the site there is a rating of customers and freelancers, you can leave a review about each. Fospace is the most convenient search for orders and the opportunity to find the best job on a short or long term basis.