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Make-up services are required for commercial filming, various creative projects, theatrical performances, etc. But even professional make-up artists usually do not have a constant flow of orders - they have to look for clients on dozens of websites and forums, but this still gives only one-time projects. On the Fospace website, you can find work as a make-up artist in literally any volume, because our platform was created in order to connect customers and performers in the field of makeup, photography and related industries.

How to offer your services on Fospace?

If you are a professional make-up artist and create looks for various events, you just need to fill out a profile on Fospace. Fill out a profile and indicate what kind of makeup you apply, what makeup and hairstyles you create, whether you work on the road to an event or in your studio. You can also add a portfolio and specify prices. You can expect offers from customers or you can independently study existing orders and respond to them. On the Fospace site, there are always a lot of orders for makeup from clients - you can choose any that interests you and discuss the details right on the platform.

If you are a customer and you need to find a makeup specialist, you can also create a profile on Fospace and either create your own application, or study the profiles of the artists and their reviews, and offer the job to the one who most suits your criteria.

Finding make-up services or artistic make-up orders on Fospace is very easy!