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Paparazzi services are in high demand. This job is quite difficult, and not everyone has the talent and skills to do it. Therefore, various media are in constant search of such specialists. However, professional paparazzi often face problems with finding a job and selling their pictures, among which there are unique photos from the lives of stars and their friends. The Fospace freelance platform is the place where any company can hire paparazzi, and a good specialist can sell unique personnel or find a project for himself/herself.

Why is it worth looking for a customer or freelancer on Fospace?

Fospace freelance platform is a place where creative persons and clients can offer or quickly find the services they need. Various photographers, including paparazzi, have their profiles on Fospace. The platform offers the following benefits:

  • Quick search for customers and freelancers;
  • The ability to publish a portfolio, which will help the paparazzi quickly find a client;
  • The ability to find a customer or freelancer without a commission;

Thus, Fospace is the best way to find paparazzi jobs or sell unique celebrity photos. For customers, this is an excellent opportunity to find a good specialist and quickly agree on conditions.

How to get started on the platform?

Fospace is your opportunity to find a customer or freelancer as simply as possible. To do this, you need to go through only 3 steps:

  • Register;
  • Fill out the profile;
  • Search using tools and filters;

After that, the customer and the freelancer can quickly contact each other and discuss all the conditions.