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Photography and photo session services are immensely popular, but often photographers have difficulty in promoting their services. Your own website, social networks, posting on message boards are certainly important, but at the same time, these sources may not provide the required number of customers. To get a result, it is also important to promote your services on specialized platforms, where both clients and photographers come. Fospace is such a platform.

Fospace is a photography market and a platform where the customer and the contractor can find each other. The service will help those who want to expand their client base and those who wish to choose a photographer according to their requirements or budget.

What is Fospace?

Fospace is a service where anyone who knows how to work with cameras and photographs can offer their services. The following can offer their services on the market:

  • Freelance photographers;
  • Video masters;
  • Retouchers;
  • Sound technicians;
  • Makeup artists, etc.

Fospace is a place to easily find orders for photographers or other professionals in the photography or video industry. To find new clients or employers, you need to go through the registration procedure, post a portfolio, leave relevant contacts and just wait a little.

People who need a photographer or videographer will be able to quickly find the candidate they are interested in. To do this, the service provides a search. After the client enters his request in the search box, he/she will see a list of people who meet the specified requirements. Profiles are sorted by rating or by specified criteria in filters, so you can find all the necessary contractors in one place. After that, the interested user will be able to contact the contractor and receive the necessary services.

What are the benefits of Fospace?

Finding a job for a photographer, videographer, retoucher through message boards or social networks is very difficult, since the target audience does not always see their ads. Fospace is exactly the platform that people come to with a specific purpose. People want to get a well-prepared professional photography or videography, and on a specialized site they can find suitable performers for their needs.

Promotion of services through Fospace allows you to get a number of benefits, including:

  • Saving time. On Fospace, customers can find the right photographer or videographer themselves while they are doing their job. You just need to regularly update the portfolio so that clients can get acquainted with the latest work.
  • Simplicity. Fospace is designed in such a way that neither customers nor contractors have any difficulties in working with the service. Simple and intuitive interface, quick search, the ability to get reviews, ratings, pricing information, etc. - all this makes Fospace a convenient service for both customers and contractors.
  • Availability anywhere in the world. On Fospace, your offer can be published from any country, from any city. Clients who are interested in services in any city will be able to quickly select a specialist who is nearby.

Fospace is also convenient for professionals who work remotely. Using the platform, you can find orders anywhere in the world. For example, video editors or retouchers can receive projects without posting ads on job sites or general freelance markets.

In addition, with the help of Fospace, you can receive urgent orders that require execution in the shortest possible time. For example, photographers can get a quick order from a client who has a photoshoot.

Fospace is also a good option for those who are just starting out in photography or videography. If you don't have experience yet, you can still find clients and earn money while improving your skills and leveling up. Fospace is a platform where the contractor and the client interact directly, and everyone can get exactly what they need.