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The ability to use Adobe Photoshop today is indispensable in various fields, from photo retouching to the design of product cards for online stores. Of course, not all people know how to use Photoshop at a sufficient level, so they often look for Photoshop services on various services. We created the Fospace platform for finding specialists and orders in industries related to photography, content processing, events, etc. On this exchange you can always find a Photoshop specialist, and if you are the same specialist, there are a lot of orders waiting for you here.

Who needs Photoshop processing and why?

Working with a photo editor is required in different areas and for different tasks. Most often they include:

  • Professional photo retouching (color correction, etc.);
  • Correction and improvement of the taken photos (for example, changing the proportions of a figure or face);
  • Restoration of existing photos, including digitized ones;
  • Artistic processing, applying filters, etc.;
  • Photomontage - both for entertainment purposes and for creating advertising materials;
  • Clearing the background for product photos in an online store, etc.

The work of a photo editor is often required to create presentations, often web designers also resort to using Photoshop to create various elements for websites, not to mention advertising banners. All these tasks require a professional approach and, despite the fact that online photoshop can be found on the Internet, many people still turn to specialists.

Do you want to offer custom-made Photoshop services?

Working as a photo and image editor is quite a lucrative and always in demand profession. However, many professionals have problems finding orders if they want to make this work their main source of income. Typically, Photoshop specialists advertise their services on social media pages, forums and message boards, but this does not generate the expected flow of customers. That's why we created Fospace, a dedicated platform for everyone involved in photography, the beauty industry and events. Photoshop masters will find many clients here, and customers will find excellent specialists with different prices. If you know how to work in Photoshop at a professional level and want to receive more orders, create a profile on Fospace. Fill in all fields, create a portfolio, add customer testimonials and quotes. Then you can either wait for orders from customers, or view their ads and respond to orders on the site. You can also discuss all the nuances in terms of cost, conditions, style of image design on Fospace. Here you will find many jobs remotely, freelance, and you can work from anywhere in the world.