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Photo editing is a tricky job that must be done by professionals. Only a master can professionally edit an image, eliminate all existing flaws and make a picture that will delight the eye. Therefore, the services of a photo editor are always in price, and the demand for such works will always be high. However, a specialist must receive orders worthy of his qualifications and perform work at a cost of interest to him. Finding clients on Fospace will help solve these problems.

Fospace is the largest freelance platform for people offering photo editing services. On the platform, you can find a huge number of orders for your level and the required cost. Fospace will provide the photomontage specialist with a selection of vacancies according to his requirements, experience and strengths.

Why is it worth posting an offer on Fospace?

Photo retouching specialists can receive orders from various sources - message boards, social networks, general freelance markets, etc. However, finding orders through these sources takes time, and the offer is usually limited.

When working with Fospace, the professional gets a huge range of options and the opportunity to study the market. There are thousands of offers in the order database of the freelance market. Clients come here purposefully to post their task or find a freelancer with a suitable portfolio.

Who is Fospace for?

Fospace has a variety of orders. The freelance exchange allows you to find clients for people offering any services in the field of graphic processing of photographs and artistic images:

  • Restoration;
  • Improving the quality of digital images, eliminating local defects;
  • Color Correction;
  • Digitization of photos and documents;
  • Stylization of pictures;
  • Collage creation, etc.

It doesn't matter what the performer's specialization is. Retouchers, designers and other Photoshop masters can always find work on Fospace.

Fospace will be a good choice for both professionals and beginner retouchers. Even if you are a beginner and have only recently mastered Photoshop, you can find orders suitable for yourself. Clients who are interested in working with newbies, counting on a low price, publish orders on the market. Therefore, Fospace can be a good start to a career for aspiring retouchers.

Fospace - opportunity to find a remote job

On Fospace, freelancers can find orders for remote work. Thanks to this, it is possible to work from anywhere in the world. The specialist can decide for himself/herself where work and when do this work. The customer and the freelancer discuss all the details at the negotiation stage.

Photo processing tasks are performed using a computer program, so your physical presence in a particular city is not required. You can live anywhere in the world, work as a freelancer, and take orders for processing whenever you have free time.

How to find orders on Fospace?

Finding orders at Fospace is easy. You need to go through a quick registration procedure, and you will have access to a huge client base with various offers. In addition, you can complete your own profile. Provide information about yourself, tell us about the features of your work. Add a portfolio of your best works, enter your contact information. After that, you will be able to receive orders from any customers, find the best offers and earn money.

Finding customers in Fospace order database is also quite simple. To do this, you can use the search on the site if you are interested in a specific task. In addition, you can customize filters by defining an interesting task for you, a suitable time frame and an acceptable level of payment.

After reviewing the reviews and ratings, you can determine the reliability of the customer. Fospace is your opportunity to find the most interesting projects that match your professional and financial requirements.