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With the development of social networks, it is required to create more and more diverse content. On Instagram, stories have long captured the attention of the audience - stories that disappear after 24 hours (if not added to the saved ones). And while their lifespan is short, brands, bloggers, and stores spend huge budgets on creating engaging and engaging stories. For the competent design and download of such stories, a separate profession has appeared - a story maker. On Fospace, you can find a huge number of Instagram story maker vacancies, as such specialists are required more and more often, and brand sales and blogger reach directly depend on their skills. Register on our platform and get more clients to maintain Instagram stories!

What does a story maker do?

A story maker is a person who is involved in coming up with and creating creative, engaging Instagram Stories. It's not just about choosing the font and color of the text, but about a more creative approach: quizzes, contests, original design in the form of blocks, and so on. Storymaker services include the development of a content plan, its approval with the customer and the creation of stories according to the plan.

A competent specialist will help you find a "chip" for your Instagram account and suggest activities that will increase your reach and overall engagement rate. The content itself can be completely different, from beautifully designed text stories to stop-motion videos.

A freelance story maker often also combines the functions of a designer, videographer, copywriter, and other specialties, but it is still worth distinguishing between what is the responsibility of an SMM specialist, and what a story maker does specifically. In short, the latter deals exclusively with stories, creating beautiful and high-quality content for stories. He doesn't post, post, profile or communicate with subscribers - only stories. However, on Fospace you can often find story makers who are ready to perform other SMM tasks for an additional fee.

How to find a story maker job?

Until this profession has taken root in the market, story-makers (especially those without much experience) are constantly looking for work. At Fospace, you will find many customers looking for a story maker. This can be work remotely, part-time or in an office for an agency. Someone is looking for an experienced professional, and for someone a beginner with creative thinking and good taste is enough for tasks. On the Fospace exchange, you will find many relevant offers and you can develop in this profession, getting good money for it.