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One of the most popular genres of photography is street photography. This service is relevant for thousands of people every day who want to take new photos for social networks or simply capture the bright moments of a specific time or place. And if the photographer really has the talents for a photo shoot on the street, he can find good orders. Fospace will help you with this.

What is Fospace?

Fospace is a freelance platform for photographers, videographers, sound technicians and other creative professionals. Here specialists can:

  • Find a one-time or permanent job as a street photographer;
  • Choose the most interesting shooting scenarios;
  • Offer original ideas for the genre of street photography;

If you can do a street photo shoot that can really delight a customer, Fospace has a huge number of permanent vacancies and one-off orders for creating cool street shots.

Fospace - simple and reliable

Using Fospace, you can choose the best orders or find a freelancer as quickly as possible. Using filters, you can select projects by city, budget, rating and a number of other filters. Rating is one of the important ways to protect against unscrupulous freelancers and customers, and before agreeing to take a photo, be sure to read it and the reviews. Fospace does everything for your convenience and safety.