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The ability to choose and combine clothes, makeup and hairstyle correctly, creating a beautiful image, is an important skill that not everyone knows. Those who want to disassemble the wardrobe, buy new things that would suit them, create new images and capsules, often turn to stylists. The services of a stylist have long ceased to be a novelty - now not only very wealthy people resort to them, but also ordinary men and women who want to develop their own style and need help in choosing clothes. But where can a stylist be ordered? Someone is looking for such professionals on social networks, someone - on forums and message boards. But all this takes time, and there are not many suitable offers. We created the Fospace platform - a marketplace for finding performers and customers in the fields of beauty, fashion, photography and events.

Who needs the services of a stylist and why?

Both women and men resort to the services of a stylist for various reasons. A professional stylist can help:

  • Completely choose a festive look (for example, a wedding), from shoes to jewelry;
  • Come up with an image for a photo shoot, depending on the topic;
  • Determine the image;
  • Buy new clothes that are perfect for the person;
  • Rebuild a wardrobe - throw out old things, collect ready-made images from existing things, etc.

Consultations with a stylist can take place online or offline if the client and the artist are in the same city. Some work with stylists on a one-time basis - for example, when they need to choose an image for an event. Others constantly collaborate with style masters to always look great - most often business people, celebrities, TV presenters, etc. become such clients.

Need a stylist job?

If you are looking for clients, register on Fospace. We have created this platform for everyone who provides services related to the fields of beauty, photography and organization of events, as well as for clients who need such services. Fill out the profile, add a portfolio, reviews, describe your experience and skills, and you will be able to find more orders and negotiate a one-time or permanent cooperation. You can work remotely or choose clients from your city - it all depends on your wishes. Even if you are looking for an image maker assistant job, you will find many vacancies. By developing your Fospace profile, you will be able to take more expensive orders from trusted customers. On Fospace, it's easy to find orders and vendors that match your criteria. Create an ad for a job or a good stylist - and it will surely find a lot of responses.