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Video filming is one of the most demanded services for special events, corporate parties, weddings, etc. In addition, such services are required for shooting commercials and other videos, films, clips. Qualified videographers are always in demand, and there are many works for them in any city or region. However, it can be quite difficult for video specialists to find a suitable order. A specialized platform, where a large number of orders are placed, will help to simplify the search process. Fospace is just such a service.

On the platform, the videographer can find the most suitable orders for himself/herself. Fospace brings together customers looking for video services and the contractors who offer them. On a freelance exchange, video specialists can find a huge number of projects with any requirements and prices.

Posting on Fospace will expand your search

Searching for customers on general freelance exchanges, message boards or job sites does not open up opportunities for a videographer such as posting an offer on a profile site. Clients come to Fospace purposefully to find a professional who will perform high-quality video filming. Therefore, Fospace is perfect for specialists as a tool for pinpointing interesting projects.

A freelance market is also well suited for novice videographers who do not have a large portfolio. They will be able to find here orders from people who are ready to cooperate with newcomers and thus save money.

Not only videographers can get orders for Fospace, but also representatives of other professions related to filming videos, for example:

  • Installation;
  • Elimination of roller defects;
  • Sound processing;
  • Voice acting, etc.

Fospace is a platform on which anyone who has a profession related to filming, photography or editing can find a job.

Fospace - orders in any region

Freelance market Fospace will help you find clients where you live or often visit. Fospace's geography covers a huge number of cities and regions. To find a customer who is close to you, you need to adjust the filters and select the point that you need. The system will automatically filter customers and give the result - customers who are in your city or not far from it.

In addition, Fospace allows you to find work and professionals who work remotely. You can work anywhere in the world! If you are engaged in installation, you can find orders for remote work, and this will allow you to earn money without being tied to a workplace. With Fospace, you can work wherever, whenever, and for as long as you want.

Any specifics? Highlight it!

By publishing a profile on Fospace, you can not only post a portfolio and description, but also indicate additional services or special shooting conditions. For example, if a client needs to order video filming from a drone, and you succeeded in this, add this option to your account. Clients will be able to find you by filter and apply with an offer. You can also find customers using the filter with the option of aerial photography.

If you have a studio, a team with several cameras, you are a professional in night photography, offer script development services, turnkey filming organization, etc. - all of these can help you find orders on Fospace.

In addition, the market allows you to select customers by rating and read reviews. You will be able to work with the most reliable clients. By increasing your reputation, you increase the chances of getting the best order.